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Keeping Jewish Weird™ is a podcast about all the odd, obscure, underrepresented, and unexplored corners of the Jewish world. Join hosts Eryn Black, Isaac Brickner, and a slew of awesome guests as they bring their unique perspectives to the complex subjects of Jewish history, culture, spirituality, and identity.

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Latest Episode

In this episode of Keeping Jewish Weird, we discuss some of the feedback we've received on social and our thoughts about Jewish identity as followers of Yeshua. Our friend Joe also joined us to share some very interesting life experiences he had while on the forefront of the counter-culture and civil rights movements in San Francisco during the sixties. We also talk about his time spent with the Chabad community in Brooklyn, his family's experiences as Holocaust survivors, how he defines Jewish identity, as well as our responsibility as Jews to stand up for groups of people who are oppressed and underrepresented in society. At the end of the episode we asked our listeners to take part in something to do with Jewish culture. Our recommendations are to visit a local Jewish deli or read Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon.

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Meet the Hosts

Eryn Black

Eryn Black used to be a film student, the singer in a rock band, a slot machine technician, and a phlebotomist. It sounds like he used to have a really interesting life. Now, he lives in Manhattan with his family, and works for Jews for Jesus. He also really loves podcasts. Now he's on one.

Isaac Brickner

Isaac likes talking about himself — as he writes this, he realizes it is especially fun to write about himself in the third person. He also likes hearing himself talk, so it was only a matter of time until he recorded a podcast so he could listen to himself all the time. Speaking of recording, he was an audio engineer/producer in his past life in L.A. He still lives in L.A. with his wife and two kids. He works with Jews for Jesus and operates an art space across the street from UCLA called Upside Down.


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